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Some new exciting changes to Flowcode V10

Licensing changes
  • Flowcode V10 is now free for makers and hobbyists with full functionality for a limited range of devices which include; Arduino Uno & Nano, RPI etc.
  • Can now view component code
  • Components are now free and open-sourced so you can use existing components and tailor them to your own requirements.
  • Dedicated 2D primitive components
2D panels

New 2D panels provide clearer graphics, customisation of all panels with your own drawings, notes and much more printer friendly options available.

Add an unlimited number of 2D panels into your project.

Unlocks a host of new 2D panel only panel options such as graphing tools.


  • Interrupt on Change diagram visual improvements
  • View and step through the simulation of component code (Pro Licence only)
  • Ghost support for EB0058 ESP board
  • Icon lists now show disabled icons in a muted colour
  • The text colour of flowchart icons can be altered
  • Create separate .c and .h files
  • Show help/wiki in separate browser
UI Trees
User Tools
  • New User Tools tab within Global Settings for setting up User Tools to be used within the Build ribbon
I/O ports
  • Connected components lists on analogue/digital windows
  • When using Calculation icons (etc), pins can be dragged to the expression
  • Combines global and local variables (which are also available separately)
  • Float variables are now shown to a user-defined precision (defaults to “%g”)
Built-in Functions
  • Single-dimension arrays show individual elements in Watch and Project Explorer lists
  • There are some new built-in functions available

New API calls : GetPanel and GetPanelName, SetSimSpeed and GetBackgroundColour

New String Functions routines (will become available in v10.0.3) : Contains$, SplitString$, ExplodeToIntArray$, ImplodeFromIntArray$, ExplodeToFloatArray$, ImplodeFromFloatArray$, Int2FormattedString$, Float2FormattedString$, InsertString$, RemoveFromString$, SearchAndReplace$

New Mathematical Functions (will become available in v10.0.3) : cosh, sinh, tanh, arraydims, arraysize, GetOriginalScale

  • There are some new events available


  • TODO list - auto generated icon list based on icons containing TODO: in the display name or comment. For example. TODO: this icon needs work or TODO: this will need changing.