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Applications of App developer include process monitoring...
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...Machine monitoring and control...
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...factory test...
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...and educational equipment control and data logging.
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What is Flowcode App Developer

Flowcode App Developer allows the creation of general-purpose programs (or 'apps') with user interfaces that run on a Windows-based PCs, tablets, mobile phones, etc. These apps can interact with a wide range of devices and data sources, both local and remote, and integrate tightly with your hardware. There are two parts to App Developer: PC Developer and Web Developer, as shown below:

Flowcode ecosystem

Our vision is that you will create an embedded system with Flowcode Embedded, and will then create PC or web applications (apps) that links to your embedded system with Flowcode App Developer. This allows you to provide an additional layer of functionality in your projects.

App Developer allows you to develop feature-rich apps and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) for PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), mobile phones and tablets. These apps can integrate with low cost input / output boards like PIC, Arduino and ESP32 as well as other embedded and web enabled devices like Alexa or home automation products. Many communications standards are supported: USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, HTTP, MQTT, etc.

There are lots of possibilities. Here are some examples of what you can do:

Greenhouse monitoring

Greenhouse monitoring system

The Embedded project in this example is a stand-alone device which monitors and optimises the environment within a greenhouse by gathering information from external sensors (temperature, light, soil moisture, etc.) and controlling external devices (water sprinkler, ventilation, heating, etc.).

A Web Developer project has been added to provide mobile phone control and data analysis of the system using MQTT linked to an online server.

Industrial control

In this example an Embedded project controlling an industrial process is linked to a PC Developer project via USB or Ethernet.

This provides a PC-based HMI allowing the industrial process to be monitored and controlled by adjusting system parameters using a custom API.

Industrial control system

Building access

Building access system

Multiple Embedded projects are shown in this example representing door entry and automatic lighting systems.

A PC Developer project connects to these systems and stores building occupancy data in a database. It also allows a local user to open doors remotely and to control building access.

The system is further augmented with a Web Developer project which provides mobile phone based monitoring for remote managers.

With Flowcode Embedded, Flowcode PC Developer and Flowcode Web Developer you can create feature-rich distributed systems using a variety of topologies and connection technologies.

Matrix TSL equipment

Human Machine Interfaces for all Matrix equipment have been developed using App Developer.
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