After developing an embedded device, you can use Flowcode App Developer to create a HMI to provide an ergonomic interface to control it.
  • Decide whether you want your app to work on a Windows device or in a browser.
  • Design your app's user interface on screen using pre-made components including switches, indicators, sliders and graphs.
  • Add communications components that allow you to interact with external devices.
  • Design your program using flowchart, blocks, pseudocode, or state diagrams.
Flowcode provides many API components that allow App Developer projects and Embedded projects to exchange commands and information. App Developer can also be used to communicate with 3rd Party devices and websites that provide a suitable API.
Designing your Flowcode app
Simulate your Flowcode app
Debug your app while connected to your hardware

Simulate and Test

Use debugging tools within Flowcode to simulate your app and check that is is performing as expected.
  • Simulate your app on-screen within Flowcode to verify its function prior to deployment.
  • Play the program or step through the program one command at a time to make sure it works.
  • Use on-board digital switches and analogue sliders to control your app and any connected hardware.
  • Use the on-screen instruments and graphs to see data from your system.
  • Use the data recorder and console to monitor your program and see how it is working (PC Developer only).
  • Test your design to make sure it functions like you want it to.
  • Use graphs, etc, to record and display data gathered from your system in real time.
Flowcode provides numerous tools to debug and test your app. Step through your code to ensure your app behaves correctly while it is connected to your hardware and use tools including dials, switches and graphs to provide information from your connected device(s).


When you are satisfied your app is working, deploy it so you can use it outside the Flowcode environment or distribute it to your customers.
  • Reproduce your system for others to use.
  • Create stand-alone apps that run independently of Flowcode.
  • PC Developer apps run on Windows PCs using the Flowcode runtime.
  • Web Developer apps can be uploaded to a website or saved locally to be run within a browser.
  • Sell your apps or give them away for free to anyone - royalty free.
Deployed apps run independently of Flowcode and can be freely used by you, your friends and your customers on a wide range of devices.
Mains power monitor app