Flowcode - Getting Started Guide

If you are new to Flowcode then working your way through our getting started guides will be a great introduction to Flowcode.

In the Flowcode Embedded getting started guide we run through the Flowcode Integrated Development Environment and three separate examples. You will need some hardware to do this and we recommend a Microchip Xpress board or one of Matrix’s BL0011 PIC programmer boards with BL0114 Combo board.

  • Matrix BL0011 PIC programmer and BL0114 combo board.
  • Arduino Uno and Matrix BL0114 combo board.
  • Microchip Xpress board
Embedded Guide
PC Developer
Web Developer
RPi Guide
PICO Guide
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Flowcode Wiki

The Flowcode Wiki site provides you with a detailed glossary style overview of the aspects of the Flowcode environment broken down into relevant sections to aid in finding the knowledge you require to use Flowcode effectively. Use the Wiki to learn about components, download example Flowcode files or just to learn more about programming principles in general.

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Flowcode YouTube Channel

On our Flowcode YouTube channel there are videos posted regularly by our team. There are playlists set up with many different types of support for Flowcode users. Beginners can view the getting started videos to help learn how to use Flowcode, intermediate and advanced users can view the more indepth videos about various projects being used with Flowcode and developer break downs of some parts of Flowcode.

If you have an idea for a Flowcode video you would like us to do to help you learn more about Flowcode, then get in touch with us!
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Flowcode Examples

Flowcode has a wide variety of examples available, most of these are located on our wiki. You can either go to the wiki and browse the examples there or use the search box below to look up examples associated with keywords.

Alternatively please download our EXAMPLES STARTER PACK, for a range of beginner examples.

Community Forums

The Matrix forum provides an in-depth community of well established, long-term users of Flowcode and new Flowcode users sharing ideas and solving problems and issues encountered whilst using the software. Regularly attended to and updated by our own Engineers, the forum is one of our most popular support resources.

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Educational Resources

There are hundreds of learning hours of support in the form of written courses for Flowcode. More details can be found in our Education section, and you can find these courses in the Learning Centre of the Matrix TSL site.