Hardware Supported by Flowcode Embedded:

Flowcode supports hundreds of devices, listed here are a small sample of what is supported, to see a full list of all devices supported by Flowcode, go to our Target Selector page.
arduino hardware


Flowcode supports the widely popular Arduino range of devices. The Arduino prototyping hardware platform has a large following of educators and enthusiasts around the world. Flowcode can target and program Arduino hardware directly. E-blocks hardware is also available to provide access to modular plug and play circuitry as well as debugging support. Users of the Uno can compile to their device for free, along with many free components to get started with Flowcode.

Espressif ESP32

Flowcode now supports ESP32! These amazingly powerful ARM based products include integrated WI-FI and Bluetooth connectivity and a load of general purpose I/O and comms peripherals which allow for connectivity across a wide range of applications. And they are incredibly low cost. Perfect for your Internet Of Things projects.

Use them in conjuncture with Flowcode App-Developer to create some powerful PC based apps to communicate with your ESP32 WI-FI or Bluetoothe modules!
ESP32 hardware
raspberry pi hardware

Raspberry Pi / PICO

Flowcode enables users to target the hugely popular Raspberry Pi board. Whether you are working with a Raspberry Pi model 2B(v1.2), 3B or 3B+, it's an intuitive way to program for you, either at home or in the classroom using a flowchart or with blocks mode. Alongside this, our E-blocks2 hardware platform also supports the Raspberry Pi; additionally the Raspberry Pi Shield is perfect for those who wish to integrate their Pi into the E-blocks system.

Also supported in the latest version of Flowcode is the PICO set of boards from Raspberry Pi, these tiny, fast and versatile boards are built using the RP2040 chip.


Flowcode supports a couple of ARM families: the AT91 series from Microchip/Atmel and the STM32 series from ST. This give you a fantastic range of these powerful 32bit processors operating at speeds up to 200MHz with more than 1000 coremark performance. When you have an application that needs huge raw processing power these are the devices to choose.
ARM STM Nucleo 64 hardware
Microchip PIC

Microchip PIC/Atmel Devices

For us this is where it all started with the simple PIC16F84 which dominated electronics projects and learning for many years. Now the 8 bit PIC range is the largest supported range in Flowcode with over 700+ devices ranging from the tiny PIC10 series with just 6 input output pins to large 5 port devices with a huge range of internal peripherals and options, as well as a huge range of Atmel devices.

Flowcode supports more than 400 microcontrollers from Microchips powerful 16 bit familiy including PIC24FXX, PIC24H/EXX, dsPIC30FXX, dsPIC33F/EXX. These powerful processors are great when you need high performance, precision, digital signal processing and motor control applications.

Flowcode supports nearly 200 devices from the PIC 32 range including PIC32MXX, PIC32MXXX, PIC32MZXX. These incredibly high performance devices are fantastic for applications in Automotive, IOT, and graphics.

E-blocks 2

E-blocks2 is the latest generation of microcontroller boards from Matrix. With over 30 boards available, the E-blocks2 range includes upstream and downstream boards, as well as cost saving bundles, all of which allow you to build a complete system in a matter of minutes.

The E-blocks2 system is ideal for everyone, from those learning in an educational environment to engineers in the industrial world. Use of E-blocks is well supported with complementary ranges of software (including PIC, dsPIC, ARM and AVR Arduino IDE, Flowcode), and support for Grove® sensors.
Eblocks 2 hardware
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Our Sysblock board consists of a powerful PIC32 processor with A/D and D/A interfaces and a modest amount of control and interfacing circuitry. It is a flexible high power signal processing system designed for learning and experimenting with digital communications.

The board is fitted with digital potentiometers, switches and encoders for control purposes. It also has a miniature monochrome graphical display and several programmable LEDs, including 2 x 8 LED VU meter LEDs. The board is powered from 3.3V from USB or from a plug top power supply.
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