Import of projects down to Version5

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Import of projects down to Version5

Post by Jorg_Guldner »

Hi everybody,
in the end of 2020 I load a version7 project into version8. It compiled without errors, but the software was not running in the hardware.
I´ve done a lot of projects since version5. What I´m missing is an importer in version9, so that the older versions can be removed from the
computer. Then you can work on with the latest software, who is up to date.
From version6 to 7 is an other compiler. Compiling in 7 shows you the C-errors (syntax), but how could I find other errors, like in my case?
For some projects you asked, if users send the project to you and you did the conversation, but I think, this not the way.
Over the world are a lot of users and have the same problem..................


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Re: Import of projects down to Version5

Post by Steve-Matrix »

Hi Jörg,

Moving to the latest version of Flowcode will sometimes uncover errors with compilation and execution of projects from previous versions, and we're keen to identify and remove these upgrade issues.

Errors during compilation are easier to identify and correct, but execution errors can be fixed too. Please send us more details of the errors you are experiencing and we will try to find a fix.


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Re: Import of projects down to Version5

Post by BenR »

In Flowcode 8 we removed the ability to open a classic v5 .fcf file. As we move on with our code base the old v5 file format was getting more and more outdated and hence moving between versions was more likely to encounter issues.

Our suggestion to do the upgrade yourself is to download a copy of Flowcode 7 so you can open the v5 file and save as a .fcfx project that can then open in v8 or v9. Note there likely will be issues, I recommend once you are in v8 or v9 to open the component properties and look at each component in turn to ensure the properties look to be setup correctly.

Here is the download for Flowcode v7. ... .3.0.5.msi

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