Variable Name Confirmation in Pop-Up

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Variable Name Confirmation in Pop-Up

Post by Brendan »

When cleaning up code by group-selection of often hundreds of variables for redundant deletion, hitting delete, and relying on Flowcode to find/confirm variables in use, the resulting pop-up states where variables are used but not the name of the variable itself.
Flowcode Pop-Up No Var Name.png
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Confirmation of the variable name would often be useful to know at such time, which I believe should appear in the pop-up in any case.

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Re: Variable Name Confirmation in Pop-Up

Post by Steve-Matrix »

Thanks for the suggestions, Brendan. I will make that change.

You probably know this already, but I'm mentioning it in case it is useful to you or others: another way to mass-delete unused variables/constants is to right-click on the "Variables" or "Constants" group heading within Project Explorer and select "Delete unused".

If there are any that remain you can right-click them and select "List occurrences". This option is also useful for searching your code for components, macros and (top-level) properties.

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