Servo Component with ESP32

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Servo Component with ESP32

Post by dvcam99 »

Hello Ben,

I´m using the Servo Controller at a ESP32 controller. In general I have a question.

If I sent a servo set value of 32767 in 16Bit or 127 in 8Bit I would expect a servo center position of 1.5ms. In real controller life I´ll get
around 1.3ms. Unfortunately this ends up in a asymmetrical servo end positions too.

Servo Controller was set to 1ms and 2ms.

Below a scope picture, please watch for the red trace and the meas values:
esp32 servo pwm.png
esp32 servo pwm.png (52.67 KiB) Viewed 1619 times
Any chance to correct this situation?


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Re: Servo Component with ESP32

Post by flowmaker »

I have tried flowcode v10 free for makers, and when I tried to use the servo controller component in esp32 the results did not work properly. I have tried changing the minimum value to 400uS and maximum to 2400uS the results in the oscilloscope doubled.

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